To activate
The Pet Cooler functions as a kind of protective garment for your dog. For optimal results, Pet Cooler  should be placed flat in cool tap water. Let stand for to 25 minutes and if more soaking is needed check frequently for the capacity.

Remove from the water and dry with a towel. To completely dry the outside fabric, hang to dry. This may take up to an hour depending on size and time soaked. Pet Cooler products will stay cool for days. Do not over soak as it will only add weight and in some cases cause the seams to burst which would damage the product.

Using Pet Cooler
If more cooling is desired the Pet Cooler can be put in a plastic bag and flash frozen for about 20 min in the refrigerator. Please not that you are sure the outside fabric is dry before freezing. After a few days of use and the Pet Cooler shows signs of dehydration, simply resoak following the instructions as mentioned above. You can repeat this procedure indefinitely.

Hand wash in a mild soap, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. In case of smells or stain a little vinegar can be added to water for washing. Please note that you cannot machine wash nor machine dry the Pet Cooler products! Be sure you clean after each use.

When not in use or for long storage, it should ALWAYS be hung in a well ventilated area to prevent the spread of mildew. Depending on the temperature and humidity tt will return to its original crystals in 3 to 8 days.